1. Pre-Season (Late March)
  2. Save contact details of players and their parents for the season coming
  3. Advise new parents of how the Club and registration works
  4. Instruct parents to visit the website to sign up for our newsletter.
  5. Distribute uniforms.
  6. Distribute any info handed out by the Junior Committee (hard copy or email)

During the Season (April – September)

  1. Keep parents informed of fixtures—point them to the relevant links on the website and/or send regular email and text updates.
  2. Keep parents informed of any changes to the practice or match schedules, such as cancellations due to severe weather or changes of venue.
  3. Bring the team game bag to all practices and matches. (The game bag includes a first aid kit, the game ball, extra uniforms and shin guards,and a whistle if needed.)
  4. Keep the score and appoint linesmen and refs from among parents as necessary (where necessary)
  5. Appoint a substitute for yourself and hand over the game bag to them if you’re going to be away
  6. Promote your team social media – any photos from match day!