South Yarra Soccer Club is based at Fawkner Park, Pasley St in South Yarra. This centrally located park is minutes from the city and public transport. From humble beginnings in 1928, the club has grown to over 20 teams ranging from Under 7’s to Masters (over 35’s) with boys, girls, mens and womens teams.

South Yarra Soccer Club is a community club, and whilst striving for excellence on the pitch, we realise that football is sometimes more than just results. It’s a chance to build friendships and learn life skills. Learning to win humbly, being gracious in defeat, as well as working together as a team.

As part of this committment to the community, each year South Yarra Soccer Club provides sponsorship to financially disadvantaged and refugee children to enable them to play football with the club. This sponsorship encompasses registration fees, uniforms, equipment and travel and more importantly, the chance for someone to play and belong to a club that they may not have had the chance to.


Team Colours

The current team home colours are predominantly red with white trim. Our away uniform is predominantly white. Please consult the Strip Report on the Football Federation Victoria website for the most accurate and current information.

Club Sponsors

We are a not-for-profit organisation that relies on sponsorship, volunteers, community associations and our numerous members to operate.

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South Yarra Soccer Club is the oldest remaining football (soccer) club in Victoria.

Started in 1928 by the late Sandy Duff after he saw people kicking a football in Fawkner Park as they walked home from a fishing trip.

“It all began at Yabby Point back in 1928”, Sandy explained, “…but you would probably know it as Albert Park Lake now.”

Sandy’s father, William Duff, wasted no time assembling a new club. He organised a timber yard in Chapel Street to build some goal posts, marked out some lines on the ground with sawdust and started organising teams. The next week, the South Yarra Soccer Club was in operation.

Many of the team’s players were wearing the red and white striped uniform of the Hartwell Soccer Club in Scotland; these were the colours adopted by the club and are still its major colours today.

Sandy Duff lived in South Yarra his entire life and when he died in the late 90’s, his ashes were buried under the centre circle of the Yarra’s home pitch – draped in a Yarra shirt.

Each year, the club hosts the ‘Sandy Duff Cup’ to celebrate and commemorate our founder’s achievement and the continuing success of the club.


Club Song

Down at Fawkner Park

Since 1928

There’s been a football club

That they all say is great.

And when we score the winner

You’ll hear the Yarra roar

And everyone

Will sing this song

Much louder than before.

We love you Yarra, we do!

We love you Yarra, we do!

We love you Yarra, we do!

Oh, Yarra we love you!


Life Members

  • William Duff Senior
  • William Duff Junior
  • Sandy Duff
  • Bill Binyon
  • Keith Bains
  • Kevin Rosen
  • Phil James
  • Jan James
  • Lou Demachi
  • Peter Blake
  • Dave West
  • Peter Buissink
  • Henry Gorniak
  • Gavin Mathieson
  • David Newsom
  • Kevin Foss
  • Stevie Logan
  • Martin McCann
  • Ken Abraham
  • Chris Clegg
  • Farrell Peake
  • John Stojanovski
  • Mark Baker
  • Paul Webster
  • Vinnie Squatriti
  • James O’Carroll
  • Chris Maclean
  • Brendan McAleer
  • Lesley King-Sheehy
  • Tom Murray-Rust
  • Brett Gigante



Coaches Profiles